Raveforum exists because we believe that the general health, quality, and rigor of raving will be improved by public criticism. Raves are, by definition, always collective, but as a form of social art, they don't have much of a critical apparatus. We publish reviews and editorial, grounded in personal experience, that articulate the stakes, frictions, and joys of raving in hopes of energizing, documenting, and nourishing a fulfilling rave culture at large.

This publication is focused primarily on party reviews. Rather than as music criticism, we think of this as rave criticism. Our writing is anonymous, so that a.) Writers can resist the market pressure to fashion their name as some narcissistic, individual authority, and b.) They can say what they really want.

Think of us like a communal voice in a public forum. We welcome both inside and outside voices, as they have different but equally valuable stories to tell. Some of our pieces are collectively authored. Rather than calling ourselves international (a word associated with gentrification), we think of ourselves as interlinked locales. We are a volunteer collective.

Our reviews tend to be positive and celebratory—that's just how it is—but they aren't always. Yet if something truly objectionable/toxic/violating gets written, we’ll discuss what to do about it as a collective. The only authority one needs to write for us is having a body (which is why the first person features so heavily in our publication). If you’re interested in writing for us, send us an intro and pitch at raveforum.club@gmail.com.